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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Spiritual Reading/Consultation?
First off let me say that this definition is my own personal definition of what a spiritual reading is in my opinion. I am not speaking for any other Reader, Psychic or Intuitive. If you want to know what they think, I believe you should ask them. To me, a spiritual reading is a period where you speak, typically one on one, but not always, with a person who has experience in tapping into a force or energy source often not available to other people. Some call it the other side. During the reading you would typically receive information concerning your past, present and potential future. During a reading it is the norm that you ask the reader questions and receive spiritually gathered answers. Spirits, angels, or other spiritual beings assist some people during this process. During my readings, I request the assistance of ancestors, guardian angels, ancients and spiritual guides to determine how a client should proceed in their individual situations.

How much does a spiritual reading cost?
Please see Spiritual Readings/Services to answer this question.

How long does the typical spiritual reading last?
Please see Spiritual Reading/Services to answer this question.

What is Spiritual work or Rootwork?
Different types of spiritual work can vary greatly depending on the practitioner and his or her background and training. There are numerous different types of spiritualities practiced and I respect most any belief system that gives people hope, joy, love and peace. Personally, I am a Christian and utilize prayer along with many of my African/ African-American ancestral practices which include but are not limited to Hoodoo, which is often known as Rootwork due to its heavy usage of herbs, roots and plants for magical purposes.

How much does spiritual work cost?
The cost of spiritual work can vary depending on the services being provided and how much time and energy will be needed to come to a successful conclusion. During your consultation Sister Angel Rose can often tell you the exact cost for her services. In certain situations, she will need to consult with the spirits to determine the exact cost.


Do you work with clients in other cities, states or countries? 

I assist have clients all over the world! You need not be in the same city or state with me for me to be able to assist you. I work with clients via distance as well as I work with clients in my own neighborhood. Distance does not play a role in this type of work as spirits can work anywhere!

What is Hoodoo?
In my understanding and from what I was taught growing up in Mississippi, Hoodoo is an African-American folk magic, not a religion, which began during slavery as African slaves were forced to live and work in an unfamiliar country with many other slaves from different traditions. I further understand that Hoodoo is a mixture of pieces and portions of many traditions to make up a system (often with regional differences) mostly practiced by Christians, as slaves were not allowed to maintain their African religions and spiritualities. Hoodoo employs the usage of many different types of herbs, roots, plants, minerals and other items for magical purposes. As Hoodoo began with slaves, it has a rich history of adaptation. Slaves had to use the plants and herbs available to them in this new country. In Hoodoo we often "use what we have" to make magical changes. Meaning, we use dirt from a person's house, honey from the kitchen cabinet, personal items from a person (hair, menstrual blood, nails, urine, etc.), roots from the yard or nearby woods or even the tongue of a slaughtered cow. Hoodoo has traditionally focused on the basic necessities in life or ways to make ones life more suitable to them.
These include, but are not limited to:
  • Love of all sorts including attracting a new love, gaining more or hotter sex, making your man or woman stay home or stay faithful, bringing back a lost love and that's just to name a few.
  • Money needs and wants including gaining the favour of a loan or bank official or gambling luck in general or specific types of luck
  • Protecting one's self from harm, being jinxed, being fixed, or being removed from your property/home
  • Crossing up or jinxing an enemy or uncrossing or unjinxing someone whom has had work thrown for them or has been fixed
  • Hot-footing or getting rid of unwanted people such as neighbors, bosses, or rivals of the same sex just to name a few
  • Ending gossip or shutting up people who cause problems for you
  • Gaining the favour of a judge in court or keeping the law away from you and your property

Does spiritual work really work?
Many people believe in the power of spiritual work. I have seen many miracles take place based on my belief in this particular type of spiritual process. It is based on the basic principles of the Bible and Universal laws. Although it is better if you believe in the work, it is not necessary in order for it to work for you. Although, one might question why you would seek out spiritual assistance if you have no faith at all. Remember, faith is an extremely important part of  almost any spiritual process.

Does the person I want to do spiritual work on have to believe in order for it to work on them?
Absolutely not! The person performing the spiritual work is the the only one who needs strongly beleive in the process in order for it to work. An example of this would be if you were going on a job interview and you really wanted the person interviewing you to be impressed by you and really take a liking to you so they would give you the job. Well, there is spiritual work that can be done to assist in making this person truly favour you. The interviewer need not believe in Hoodoo or any other spiritual practice in order for this to work.

How long does spiritual work take?
The length of the process varies depending on each individualized situation. I have seen spiritual work that has worked within an hour and I have seen spiritual work that has taken days or even weeks/months to complete successfully. Each situation is different and there are times when what a client wants is not necessarily in God's plan. An example of this is a past client of mine who was determined to get her ex-boyfriend, who was extremely unfaithful and not interested in holding down a job, back. I explained to her that she must let him go because there was something better waiting for her. I also told her that although he could be pressured to come back to her, this did not guarantee he would make her happy and be the man she needed him to be. She didn't want to hear this and said that she only wanted him and believed that he would change. To make a long story short, he did go back to her and stopped running around on her, but continued to be unpleasant, abusive and unwilling to work. Finally she had enough and they broke up. Within the next few weeks she met a man from her neighborhood that she had only seen in passing. They got together and later were happily married. He later told her that he had noticed her months earlier, but discovered that she had a boyfriend and didn't pursue her at that point. Now, I say that she could have met this man much earlier and saved herself a lot of heartache if she had opened up to what God truly had in store for her from the beginning! So her spiritual work, which was really to have a healthy and happy relationship, was placed on hold due to her own stubborn ideas. Thankfully, things worked out to her benefit in the end!

What other services/ products do you offer?
I also make spiritual baths, oils, mojo hands, dressed candles, and powder sprinkles for each individual's personal needs. These products are not mass manufactured. Great time and energy is placed within each product. In fact spirit is consulted to make sure that each item or herb used is best for the client's situation and purpose. Please send me an email or call me for more information and to place an order!

Do you set prayer candles on your altars for individuals who aren't your current clients?
I most certainly do! I will set a light for you and/or your loved ones. You need only ask! The cost for this service is only $1.50 to cover the cost of the candle and dressings. If you would like this service please send a message including your name, the person's name for which the candle is to be set and the need or desire requested. Be sure to include your phone number if you would like us to contact you with any relevant information.